What You Must Know About Food and Supplements for Optimal Vision Care: Ocular Nutrition Handbook

As children, we were told to eat our carrots if we wanted good eyesight. Carrots contain beta-carotene, which the body can convert into vitamin A―a necessary nutrient for optimal vision. For most of us, that’s were our knowledge of vitamins and eye health stops. Over the last twenty years, many studies have demonstrated that certain foods and natural supplements can play a major role in the treatment of eye problems. From the best-selling author of Smart Medicine for Your Eyes comes a new, concise guide to these powerful substances.

What You Must Know About Food and Supplements for Optimal Vision Care is divided into three parts. Part One is an overview of nutritional principles. This section explores the function of nutrients that benefit not only the visual system but also the entire body. Part Two provides a list of common eye disorders and includes a brief discussion of each condition, supplying handy charts that detail the nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic treatments that may be used to alleviate each disorder. Part Three offers further guidance by presenting dietary approaches to eye health and providing important information on the interaction of various foods and medications.

There is so much you can do to support eye health through good food and wisely chosen supplements. In this helpful and easy-to-use resource, Dr. Anshel provides you with a wealth of information on the most effective natural products and foods available to promote optimal vision.

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  • This is an excellent book on showcasing succulents. The photography alone is worth the price of the book. I understand the author takes the photos herself. Having said that, this isn’t a how to book; it’s more about setting up gardens, primarily in pots but also has some emphasis on outdoor gardens. There is a section on care and lists in the back of which succulents need sun or will survive in less light, etc.

    Ms. Baldwin has written many books on succulents and I’m hard pressed to decide which to buy next. I found one here at Amazon a couple day ago by her that is more about care of succulents so perhaps I’ll get it next. I understand her fascination with succulents as they come in so many different shapes, sizes and even some colors such as blue. Many will bloom. They are not water hogs so they will mind their own business if one travels for a week and leaves them to their own devices. Overwatering is the worst thing one can do to a succulent or cactus. Great book.

  • I had grown gardens in my backyard for many years but had never grown succulents. Since moving into a Retirement Center, I only have the balcony of my apartment available to continue my life long interest. I decided to grow succulents and cactus since they will grow in small containers, with nutrient poor cactus soil and less frequent watering. I decided I needed more information on growing these plants and ordered the book, Succulent Container Gardens.
    The information on identifying, potting and growing soil needs, and the necessary watering are all available in this well written book.I find myself referring to it often.
  • I was delighted with this book. Not only informative about each type of succulent in the book, but also paired them with planters .
    She explained how and why different shaped or colored planters worked with certain plants.
    I enjoyed the book so well ,I bought another one to give as a gift to a friend. She enjoyed it, too.
  • This book is more about planting ideas than information. A little disappointed because I expected something more educational in that category. Pretty pictures but only applicable if you live in a place without frost – or have a big garage to haul all your pots in there in the winter.
  • Bought this as part of the three Debra Lee Baldwin books available on Amazon for my wife and she (and therefore I) is(am) thrilled. Each book stands on its own yet they each complement each other by expanding further into detail. These are great books if you are into are just learning succulent gardening and potting. My wife uses one for design ideas for pots. another for outdoor garden ideas and the third forsiding andlearning about the plants – including theirtolerances andhardiness andplant names.  The books are all the highly recommended for succulent gardening.

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