Social Media Marketing and Advertising for Your Personal Brand in 2019: How To Avoid Beginner Mistakes and Hack Your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Ads for Massive Growth and Profit

Do you want to know how to grow with Social Media Marketing, without spending hours on creating content and spending 1000s on Ads?

Then keep reading…

People spend 4 hours a day in front of their computers and mobiles. There are more than 60 billion messages sent a day. It’s becoming harder and harder to stand out between all the noise.

Successful Personal Brands are created every day.

Tai Lopez and Dean Graziosi, both never started college, are making millions by using Social Mediaand monetizing their following.

Even a college drop-out, like Stefan James from Project Life Mastery, turned into a millionaire in his early twenties by creating and leveraging his following on Social Media. He literary started from nothing…

What is their secret?
What do they know, that you don´t?

In Social Media Marking for Your Personal Brand in 2019 you will discover:

  • The No. 1 reason why people follow other people on Social Media, and it´s not what you think(page 39)
  • How to monetize your Personal Brand (page 49)
  • 3 Tricks to create ´Scroll-Stopping´ photos on Instagram (page 76)
  • Which Personal Brand Style matches your personality the best, get this wrong and everything else you do, doesn´t matter (page 15)
  • The 6 hidden benefits of having a community on Social Media (page 29)
  • Tips on how to customize the message for your audience, so they become even bigger fans (page 34 – 40)
  • What to avoid as an Influencer when sending Social Media messages (page 41)
  • Group your followers in these Customer types to make more money (page 50)
  • step-by-step plan to choose the best social media platform for your Personal Brand (page 62)
  • Inside tips to increase the reach from your Personal Brand with Facebook (page 74)
  • Inspiring examples of content that went viral so you can create viral content yourself (page 85)
  • 4 Tactics on how to deal with negative feedback on Facebook, and even better, how to use it for your advantage (page 101)
  • 9 Tips big Influencers, like Logan Paul, are using to skyrocket in subscribers and views on YouTube (page 83)

… and much, much more.

Even if your Instagram or Facebook Page has less than 100 followers right now, you can grow your followers by applying the secrets used by the insiders.

You might wonder if it´s still possible to grow your personal brand without a loaded bank account. You will find out how to spread your message all over the net, on a low budget.

´Social Media Marketing for Your Personal Brand in 2019´ is jam-packed with step-by-step instructions on all the mayor platforms to get things done fast and easy with the latest and up-to-date tactics.

Start building an epic personal brand.

Community Review

  • I felt that this book only outlines the authors points and never really gives relevant information.

    Its super dry with no personality within its pages. Not in a text book way, but like the author has the personality of a turtle. There is no bibliography for the author in the book, and a Google search found no results either. It felt more like a really long pamphlet of information.

    It might make a suitable outline to follow, but I did not enjoy reading this book…

  • I was referring to this book since day one of me reading it. It’s both encouraging and challenging, but it brings people back into the center of why we do things. It reminds us that humans are people versus being a commodity.
  • I highly recommend this book to all Network Marketing Professionals. Jim and Brian do a good job of showing the importance of using Facebook in you networking strategy in a clear and understandable way. I look forward to reading anything these authors release!!

    I have started using some of the simple strategies from the book and been able to increase my engagement on my Facebook page.

  • Love this book. It’s gives real tips on how to use Facebook to grow your business. Great book for beginners or anyone struggling to use this format to grow with. I found it refreshing to see the different approaches of the testimonies at the end. It’s not a cookie cutter business and they show you they all have different styles. Have started reading it for the second time.
  • I absolutely LOVED this book. Although I had never personally met Jim, I knew he had a vast knowledge in this area, so couldn’t wait to get his book. I already had some knowledge as I have two online businesses with Facebook Pages, and I have a network marketing business as well. Many say you can’t build your network marketing business via Facebook and I wanted to prove them wrong. Now I know how to go about it. I have also had a lot more activity on my business pages since reading the book. It gave me a much better understanding on how to get people interacting on your page, and the difference has been outstanding! I believe the information about groups will be very powerful for me. The information in this book can be adjusted for traditional business as well, not just Network Marketing.

    So I urge anyone who is contemplating buying this book, to do it NOW. The price is incredible… I was shocked when I saw how inexpensive it was! Thanks Jim & Brian for taking the time to share your knowledge… Greatly appreciated!

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