Facebook Marketing Tips: Zero Cost Facebook Marketing Plan for Small Business

If you want to get customers from Facebook without spending any money, then read below.

Facebook is a marketer’s dream. It has billions of customers; all over the world, with targeted interests, likes and engagement. You can pick customers that are more likely to buy your products and services. However, there is a lot of competition on facebook; and you are fighting it out with the big corporations. Ad rates have skyrocketed over the last 5 years; coupled with an increase in ad complexity.

To that end, inside you will find valuable, and quite possibly business saving, information designed to ensure you are as prepared as possible when it comes to ensuring your Facebook marketing strategy is on point. You will also learn crucial marketing skills related to groups and communities and, more importantly, the best ways to design your customer avatar.

When you purchase this book you will discover:

  • What Facebook marketing is and how a small business can take advantage of it.
  • The secret power of Facebook groups and how to create one that rocks.
  • Get Facebook’s most powerful marketing automation tool set up for free
  • Two zero cost methods to perfectly target your customer avatar
  • How to set up a marketing campaign that brings in results and builds a healthy relationship with your customers and fans

Even if you’ve never used Facebook in your life, you will benefit from this book. Count on it!!!

What are you waiting for? Get this book today and start growing your audience!

Community Review

  • This way of marketing reaches many audiences.
    How much it will cost you depends on what you are advertising, how many competitors there are and what your goals are. Facebook does not have a fixed price for each ad placement. Facebook users can only see a limited number of ads per day. A list of various factors determines which ad shall be displayed, who will be shown’ what ad, and at what cost.

    The author goes into how Facebook can be used to sell your product or services.

    The author explains how to create a Facebook marketing strategy that will work for you in three steps’ and the effective presence on how Facebook can help you.

    He explains how to define your goals and how to launch your campaign, for the different phases of the purchasing process.
    He goes into the four different categories on objectives, and how much easier it is to use Facebook groups, as an advantage to reach your target audience. He explains the technique of how to find groups and what to do before distributing the content.

    The author lists five additional tips on how to create a network for loyal fans.

    He gives you information on how to start a successful Facebook group on your PC, Android, and IOS, and how to create a chat group, to manage and grow your Facebook page to help you advertise your product.
    The author seems to only give a nudge/small piece of the pie, to give you just a taste about Facebook advertising.

  • I love this book from the prospective of a newbie on marketing via social media (Facebook); it was a very easy read. It has things that I already knew; however, it provided some additional new information (for me) on how to appropriately marketing on Facebook to prevent inappropriate spamming, etc. I am usually a audible type; however, I did purchase this one for Kindle version. This allows me to go back to my high lighted points and share my learned knowledge as value to my team.

    I really wish a lot of newbies would read and a lot of the network marketing leaders, would share this short book with their team. This book informs on how to appropriately post about your story (business/product experieence), and how to respond, message, and follow-up without seems so “salesy.” Personally, I like the book.

  • Ive always considered myself pretty Facebook savvy but I learned all kind of new information from this book! It’s a good one for those looking to build their business online and extend their social media presence!

    I also recommend that this book be read, and then REread as there is really so much information packed in there! Its easy to miss some things on the first read through!

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