Facebook Marketing in 2019 Made (Stupidly) Easy : How to Achieve Facebook Business Awesomeness (Punk Rock Marketing Collection 3)

“A REVELATION! Truly one of the best marketing books I’ve ever read.”
–Jim Rodgers – Author, The Old Guy Rules

Looking for a way to generate fast (and cheap) leads with your Facebook marketing efforts?

Not sure how to turn all those likes, fans — and annoying pictures of your cousin zip-lining in Costa Rica — into a serious Facebook business boost to your bottom line?

Searching for a simple, step-by-step small business marketing process you can use to build your brand, spread your message and make some frickin’ moolah with good, old Facebook?

“I’ve read this book OVER 28 TIMES and listen to the audio version until I fall asleep at night. Never gets boring…Never.”
–Fatimah Collins – Owner, The Entrepreneurs Social Club

Well, search no more!

Because in Facebook Marketing in 2019 Made (Stupidly) Easy – Vol.3 of the Small Business Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy Collection you’ll learn, in this no-nonsense social marketing guide, such juicy nuggets as:

    • “7 Secrets to Kick-Ass Facebook Engagement” – Forget the days of sending out updates that nobody, not even your Aunt Martha, reads. In this chapter we’ll go over the secret sauce to marketing with social media, via the all-powerful piece of Facebook content.
    • “How to Create a FanPage That Doesn’t Suck” – Seems simple enough. Except…it ain’t. Your marketing social media efforts will absolutely fail if you don’t have your Fan Page set up in a certain way. (A mistake nearly 75% of other Fan Pages out there make.)
    • “Getting Your First 1000 Fans (in 60 Seconds or Less)” – Okay…maybe not in 60 seconds. But in this chapter we’ll show you how to leverage your Facebook business page as a central hub for fan engagement…and eventual advertising. Which is a great segue to…
    • “Facebook Advertising for Fun (and Mucho Profit) “ – Even if you’ve tried Facebook ads before, to jump-start your efforts to use social media in marketing, and failed, we’ll show you how to do it right.
  • “How to Get Super-Cheap Leads (and We Mean “Super-Cheap!)” – Because who doesn’t like cheap leads. (Nobody!)

And each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your Facebook marketing IQ – without taking a single, $2,000 online course from the gurus. (Unless you want to send me 2k…)

So, give Facebook Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy – Vol.3 of the Small Business Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy Collection a try.

Might just be the very thing standing between you and…Facebook business awesomeness.

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Community Review

  • Michel Rogan is so down to earth it’s no even funny. I love the opening to this book: “truth is I hate Facebook.” I’m sure for those who are actually taking the time to look for books like these will understand (I sure as *heck* do) the hatred for Facebook, and the success that some pages seem to have (epically when you’ve had experience with running a page). Although most of the topics were familiar to me, the methodology and tips mentioned in the book gave me one of those “Ahhhhh” moments. I definitely feel like I’ve walked away with a far better understanding and helpful strategies on how to manage my pages, earn potential sales, and keep viewers “hooked”. Another great thing I love about this book is that it’s such a quick and easy read! On top of every word being/feeling valuable!
    Note: I’ve read some of his other books and HIGHLY recommend “Email Marketing…That Doesn’t Suck”.
  • This could be a good book, but it has a major problem. Some chapters are done properly, with only certain headers bonded, but some entire chapters are bolded. This makes it very difficult to read and to know what is actually important.

    If the author can get the HTML (formatting) corrected, I will consider revising my review. Until then, I can only give it a 2 as it is too difficult to try to read. Blurry text when it is all large print and bolded.

  • Sometimes books are hundreds of pages and say the same thing over and over. This book only uses space for quick, helpful tips, which I really appreciated. I got through it in about an hour and now I use it as a reference afterward. I run about 6 different business pages on Facebook and have definitely made some adjustments after reading this book.

    I also learned a lot about marketing just from the style of writing and the use of affiliate products. I’ve come to realize the best way to sell products in a way that doesn’t feel like you are selling products is to generate helpful content for others. I got this book free on the Kindle and it was very helpful. But guess what? I’ve signed up for several of the services/products mentioned in the book as a result. Great example by Michael of of putting to use the very concepts being shared.

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