Dropshipping: Learn How to Build a Massive E-Commerce Business Using Shopify, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and Facebook Advertising

The book gives an insight on the concept of dropshipping, especially for newcomers.

  • You can get to learn how the business model of dropshipping came into play and how it has transitioned according to the demands and resources available today.
  • You will be able to learn about the advantages and disadvantages that this model brings for existing and new dropshippers.
  • You will be able to understand the relationships of various stakeholders that are involved in dropshipping and how their contribution altogether creates a successful business.
  • You will be introduced to ideas of evergreen niches and trending niches, teaching you to choose viable products for your business.
  • You will have a guideline on how to look for Top Notch No Fee Dropshipping Wholesale Suppliers and how to maintain good relationships with them in the long run.
  • You will gain more knowledge on how to deal with product returns and refunds.
  • You will learn how to handle competition and what steps you can take to survive in a competitive market.
  • You will have an idea regarding the common mistakes that dropshippers tend to make along with mitigation strategies to overcome the challenges.
  • You will be introduced to various online platforms and tools which are used for dropshipping, with step by step description on how to utilize these resources.

Community Review

  • This is a great book on the subject of using Facebook for Network Marketing. I flubbed up and didn’t get my new credit card expiration date entered and lost the chance to get the physical book. I enjoy the Kindle version, however I do like to hold the real thing and underline and mark important ideas.
  • This book is good if you are very unfamiliar with Facebook or social media in general. I think it was written more as a lead generation tool for the authors and less as a sincere attempt at helping people grow their business on Facebook. All that being said, it may still be worth reading for the handful of good ideas you might find but this is not really a book I would suggest to a friend.
  • This book was recommended by my company and I’m so happy that I purchased it. It is very informative and I learned many things that I did not know. I thought I knew a lot about network marketing but things change so fast. I highly recommend you purchase this book it will help you grow your business.
  • I have to say Jim Lupkin is one of a kind . . . after reading my review on Amazon I was contacted and informed that he was updating the book based on customer feedback to remove the personal information from the interviews in the book. Wow! Authors really do listen! Since the book has been revised I feel very comfortable recommending this book, in fact it is a must read for anyone serious about building a Network Marketing business on Facebook today. I have updated my review from four stars to five because it is that good!

    Taylor Clouse Nutrition Expert

    Very good book on marking through Facebook specifically tailored to Network Marketing. This book fills a real need in the profession by giving strategies that work and what pitfalls to avoid. The only reason for not giving it 5 stars is due to the fact the interviews in the back of the book are not generic and point people to individuals with website and company info for various Network Marketing Companies. Because of this I would be unlikely to utilize this book with my new distributors which is who I would love to use this for.

    If the authors did a revision and kept the stories as is and omitted company names and websites I would be all over using this book with my downline. Other than that it is a great read and highly recommend.

  • Seeing how other people were succeeding using facebook to build their business we decided to focus more on it. We developed a master mind group with leaders on our team. In just 2 weeks we experienced the fastest growth ever in our business thanks to some of the simple strategies used in this book. Its a great leverage tool for team members because Jim and Brian keep it simple and effective
  • I like the fact the book tells it as it is. To have the ultimate success it requires true focus on relationship building. A book for anyone thinking about Direct Selling and for most of us in it who are looking for the “Code”. Social Media is a big part off the game and allows us to be discovered by people who are looking for us.
  • I’m more than half way through your new book and I love it! About 90 percent of my business comes from FB. I’ve only been on FB for two years…I started when I began sharing my product. About a month later, I had the good fortune of meeting you and hearing you at the National Conference. Your knowledge and experience have helped me so much. I have been developing relationships on FB and the ideas in your new book will help me do that even better. I’m going to ‘work’ through the book and make your ideas my habits. The interview section is fantastic! Not only great testimonies, but even more suggestions on how to nurture relationships using FB.
    The book is well written. It’s easy to read and implement. I know I’ll be referring to it over and over. And, I’ll be recommending it to my team and others in network marketing.
    Thank you, Jim!!
  • This is an amazing book!
    It is designed for primarily the passion driven networker but can also be used by any professional who truly wants to
    “expand their territory” and hasn’t truly understood how to utilize FB in balanced way!
    I have spent hundreds of dollars on videos and courses to help build a great FB audience and have some success However,
    this book has step by step principals to truly build relationships using social media as an intro. along with avoiding some of the pitfalls.
    I loved the testimonials of all the people who have had different levels of success applying the principals shared in this book.
    Thank you Jim for taking the time to share your wisdom with the world and I am looking forward to working together!
    Warm regards,

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