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  • I love this book!I never knew succulents and cacti could be so interesting. With my busy life these plants are perfect, no muss no fuss. The book shows great ideas for decorating using unusual pots and garden designs. Baldwin discusses plant types, their characteristics and which plants work well together. I liked this book so much I also bought her first book about succulent garden designs.
  • This is a fine book for succulent gardeners. The pictures are great and it holds a lot of information. I gave this book as a gift to a friend and she was very pleased with the book.
    Many thanks for the book and your fine service. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.
  • There is a large selection of incredible ideas shown with photos from both public and private gardens as well as inside homes to the plant show world of competitions. The variety is astounding. There is a generous section on how to care for each type. After leaving California after several years and am now east away from those wonderful 8-10 temperate zones, it was somewhat disappointing how limited we are here to ‘hardy’ varieties. Anything else we plant must find a spot inside for the winter. But that’s no fault of the book. There are many ways shown to manage those arrangements. This is a truly gorgeous book.
  • I love this book! It has great pictures and ideas and I couldn’t put it down and often go back to it. I have it on a coffee table and everyone that comes over also picks up the book and love it. I believe If you like succulent containers and want ideas with great pictures this is the book. Would purchase again.
  • If you love to garden in pots then this book is for you. Pots and succulents; your mouth will water and water! There’s terrific ideas for non-conformist items to use a pots, such as old teapots and all sorts of things. Marvellous book; i’m in another zone when I look at it, which is often!
  • I’m fairly new to the succulent/ cacti world. I needed a great deal of easy to understand but comprehensive help fast. I converted my patio garden to be drought tolerant in both the containers and the in-ground plantings. Both of the Baldwin books were perfect for me. Aside from the straightforward explanations, the pictures were very helpful to me as a “newbie”
  • I bought this book for my daughter who is a florist. I browsed through the pages before I gave it to her and loved the pictures. My daughter pronounced the book as fabulous and immediately ordered more succulents to do dish gardens. The author is so creative with her use of various pots.
  • This book is full of wonderful photos for ideas for most any pot or place. The accompanying text does an excellent job of explaining the hows and whys. I go back to it again and again for inspiration and consider this an outstanding reference book for succulent lovers!
  • This book had just the information I wanted. Living in Southern California with limited water I do not want the work of keeping up a lawn. My backyard is fruit trees and vegetable garden. We can garden all year long. In the front I plan on using native plants and succultent and I want to keep many of them in containers. Some will be on the patios and some will take the place of the lawn. I think this book is very inspirational and particularly informative about sun and water needs of the plants.
  • I have many Cacti-succulents books. but the finest yet is Debera lee Baldwin’s book, Succulent Container Gardens. Her design With Succulents is excellent also. since water is problem, I have decided to convert my back garden to a south-west type garden, using her stunning three tier fountain on page 153 filled with succulents of many colors and textures in the cracked fountain that I almost gave away. This will be the focal point of the twelfth hundred square feet formally grass area. from that, I will use other photos in her book to create mini Garden in the surrounding area. In another photo I saw dymondia ground cover page 135, which can be walked on for other areas, which almost looks painted on. You see, you can design the entire using her container photos, just plant directly in the ground rather then a container. I attended her slide presentation Malibu,CA, the closest of her presentation to where I live. She is very generous with her time in answering our questions. This is the way to do a (do-it-yourself in) garden in this precarious economy. Go For It!
  • Debra Lee Baldwin introduced the world to the vast, beautiful, entertaining and creative world of succulents with her first book, Designing With Succulents, in 2007. Using the ideal climate of San Diego, CA as her setting, she explored hundreds of gardens to showcase succulents in outdoor settings. In this second book Debra shrunk those garden design concepts to container size, enabling those who live in colder climes to enjoy miniature versions of these fabulous Mediterranean-style gardens in their homes and on their summer patios. Filled with hundreds of photos and ideas, plus all the growing tips you need to make your own succulent container gardens, this book is a gem.
  • The best succulent container garden book I have seen. Very well written and detailed. I have read through this book twice and have had it only two weeks. This is a purchase that I am glad I made and have recommended it to friends. I design and arrange succulent containers for a local plant sale, I cannot wait to use the information I have learned from this book in my designs for the next sale.

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