A Systematic Approach to Strabismus (Basic Bookshelf for Eye Care Professionals)

Written for the true beginner, the updated and revised second edition of A Systematic Approach to Strabismusexamines the basic types of strabismus, ocular motility, ocular examination of pediatric patients, and extraocular muscle anatomy and functions. Unique features inside the Second Edition: • Uses practical and easy-to-follow “how to” instructions to offer fundamental education on the four parts of an eye exam: history, vision, sensory testing, and motor testing. • Includes necessary information to successfully complete pediatric and strabismus eye exams. • Highlights the order of testing in an effort to gather the most important information prior to a pediatric meltdown and to avoid “exam pollution.” Having worked in both private practice and university settings, Virginia Karlsson brings over 30 years of experience with pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus to the pages of A Systematic Approach to Strabismus, Second Edition. Ophthalmic technologists, technicians, assistants, residents, and students will welcome this unique book into their education and career.

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