77 Ways To Get More Customers – The Essential Guide for Entrepreneurs To Grow Your Business and Increase Your Profits

As a business owner, the biggest problem you face is getting customers. Once you solve the ‘getting customers’ problem, you are guaranteed the financial freedom that led to you starting your business in the first place. In this best selling book, Chris Cardell shares with you 77 simple but powerful ways for you to attract the customers you need. From Online Marketing, to Google and Facebook, social media and some of the more advanced customer acquisition strategies, this books clears away the confusion about the art and science of getting customers so that you can create the Entrepreneurial success you deserve Here is just some of what you’ll cover in ’77 Ways To Get More Customers: 1. 77 powerful strategies to get more customers into your business 2. Everything you need to know about Online Marketing – How to have a website that attracts the customers you need. 3. Essential Facebook and social tips for getting customers. 4. How to get customers for FREE 5. Vital tips for new and growing businesses 6 How to use pay per click on Google to bring you customers 24/7 7 The power of Referrals – How to get customers recommending you for Free 8 Everything you need to know about Email marketing 9 How to increase your prices without losing customers 10 How to most successful businesses increase their profits by 50% to 200% and much more….Chris Cardell is a world renowned authority on Entrepreneurial success. For two decades he has focused on showing business owners how to increase their profits by 50% to 250% by implementing the world’s most successful customer acquisition and online marketing strategies. Thousands of business owners attend Chris’s live events and he has been featured extensively on international media. Chris specialises in showing business owners how to implement leading edge strategies used by the most successful Entrepreneurs to achieve fast and effective profit breakthroughs.From Chapter One:Although you and I may not have met yet, I know enough about you as an Entrepreneur, willing to read this book, to predict why you decided to set up your own business in the first place.You did it for one reason:FREEDOMWhether it’s the freedom to work for yourself and never have to be an employee again, or to achieve financial freedom for you and the people you care about, I believe that the Entrepreneurial pursuit of freedom is one of the noblest there is.Most people just dream of financial freedomYou took action and actually did something about it. Congratulations!But as a business owner, there is only one way to achieve that financial freedom – and that is the acquisition of customers.Getting customers is the biggest problem in business. It’s also the area that business owners struggle with the most. We spend so much time perfecting our product or service, to then realise that this means nothing if we don’t become amazing at getting customers can be daunting.The good news is, once you realise that the business you are in is really the ‘getting customers’ business and you decide to get very good at it, you are virtually guaranteed financial freedom.This book is about solving the ‘getting customers’ problem for you and helping you achieve that financial freedom – fast.

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  • This is a MUST-DOWNLOAD for anyone in the Network Marketing field looking to be successful on Facebook. You don’t have to create a separate account or let your network marketing business take over your newsfeed and spam your friends to grow your business. You can still be yourself and use the strategies and tactics within this book to make authentic and long-lasting business relationships with your connections. This book gives you the exact steps to use when it comes to introducing your friends to your product on Facebook. Social media does not have to be complicated. This book by Jim and Brian makes it easy!
  • Great book, very informative.. Teaches you what you need to succeed in social media. It is an easy read for those that don’t like to read like me! Gives strategies to better preform and network your business. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to better themselves in network marketing. A “Must Read and Do” in my book…
  • This was an easy and informative read! I learned so much from this book and I really love the practical, simple terms and down to earth teachings from Jim and Brian. I feel like anyone can use the principles and techniques and apply them and find success through facebook and other social media. I have been doing quite a few things wrong and I look forward to correcting my ways and moving forward with my eyes opened to new possibilities. I highly recommend this book and know anyone can gain valuable information to help you find success in your business!
  • Myself and so many others I know have stumbled around Facebook and Social Media for a while now, trying to figure out the ” Right Way” This book will take at least six months off your learning curve and help you get the most out of your social sites and ,more Importantly help keep your relationships in business and personal going in the right direction! No matter what you do in life this book will give you the tools to really maximize your Social Media…..Pick one up today. It will put you on a fair playing field to success in Network Marketing !!
  • Every network marketer needs to read this book! Jim and Brian give practical, doable steps on how to market yourself and business on Facebook. After reading this book, I realized that I was not using social media correctly or consistently enough to grow a successful business. I messaged Jim on FB with some questions, he responded quickly and told me to follow his training and get prepared to be successful. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do, he provided the roadmap and I’m going to follow it!!
  • This book is exactly what every Network Marketer needs. Social Media is a huge part of todays society and if you are not utilizing it to your advantage then you are definitely missing out. Not only on sales but onon building quality relationships. As a friend of Jim’s I know he has the knowledge and experience to back up his claims. I’ve personally been mentored by him and have seen first hand how the content in this book works.

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